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Rear Shock Question


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July 30, 2005
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'96 XL
I need new rear shocks. I have some bilstein 5150's up front and want to replace the rear with something similiar but with a bigger ressy. which shocks would u guys recommend with at laround 10 to 12 inches of travel and around 225-250/75 valving?? and id like something rebuildable so i dont have to buy shocks again.

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wow didnt realize how expensive some of those shocks could be lol. is the ressy really needed unless your doing really extreme stuff?? also would 12in of travel be too much for a small rear lift, just aal and shackles??

ya, that would be a bit much. Get some pro comps that are for vehicles with 2-3 inches.

i think im gonna go with some bilsteins, 10 inch travel in the rear, just havent decided if im gonna get 5150 or 7100.

I dont think you need 10" travel shocks. As I remember it, I once measured the difference in the shock length when I still had the 8.8 axle - one side stuffed and one side drooped and I think it came out to be just almost 6". Its short because the shocks are placed so far in towards the center of the axle.

thank you. How much travel should i have in the front?? The ones i currently have on are 8 inches. i might just switch front to back and get new ones for the front.

i might just switch front to back and get new ones for the front.
unfortunately you cant do that w/o modifying the shock because the mounts are different.

i have all the original hardware from the bilsteins to convert them back to double eye setups. just a couple of threaded pieces that replace the parts that are on there now. The bilstein 5150's arent made to fit our vehicles you have to buy adapters for the front.

The OE rear shock on an Explorer has about 10" of travel. You can build a bolt-on adapter to use any universal or rebuildable 10" travel shock in the stock location.

Here's a bad pic of the adapters I made out of some scrap: