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Rear Shock Replacements


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September 22, 2003
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Spencer, Wisconsin
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'92 XLT & '98 XLT AWD
well i have my Explorer parked for now until i start driving it in the fall again,

and the the other day i noticed that my left rear shock was leaking, so now i figure i better go ahead and fix it so i don't have to worry about it later on.

now i was just wondering, what kind of shocks would you recommend that aren't too badly priced, i will probably go with a set of Gabriels but i was just wondering what some of you guys are running on a stock 1st Gen Ex

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i've seen folks here say good stuff about the monroes and gabriel vsts for trucks that don't do offroading. i think they are pretty inexpensive too.

Hey, I just replaced my shocks on my '92 today! I used $20 Monroe Gas Matic LTs from Advance Auto Parts. Lifetime limited warrenty bla bla bla. They ride better than the shot Gabriels. Since it's a 4x2 i didn't need anything for off roading. In the process of doing the front, the mount for the bottom end of the shock sheared off. Since it's not a bolt or stud, I had to grind it, drill it, and use a bolt. This is said to be common. It worked out okay though.

If you don't mind the price, Bilsteins are great. I recently purchased my ex and it has Monroe Sensa-trac, I dislike them very much.

hey thanks guys for the recommendations

Monroe SensaTracs for me. Have had them for a year and they're still going strong.

I love my Rancho RSX's. Have about 50k miles on them and they still perform like when I bolted them on. They're a little pricy, you could probably find a rear pair for around 100. Well worth it IMO.

thanks for the suggestions, i just went and got a Couple Gabriel sport shocks, they were only 20 bucks a piece,

gonna install them tomorrow morning