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Rear speakers acting up


November 4, 2005
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durham, nc
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'97 XLT
I recently replaced the center console in my '97 Explorer XLT with a console from a '97 Eddie Bauer edition that apparently used to have a CD changer (there is a plug in the armrest compartment that isnt plugged into anything and it looks like a changer used to be there due to the shape of the bottom of the compartment). I was told by the previous owner (bought this off ebay) that it would work 100 percent in my car.

So I removed my console with a bit of force but it eventually came out. I go to drop the new console in and it seems that the left side of the console is a bit off center, the bolt on the left side is not reaching, meaning that the two storage pieces that come off the console don't line up flush with the rest of the dash (not sure if this is relevant to the audio issue but its a problem nonetheless).

I rememeber pulling the harness plug from the console out of my old one and noticing that my rear speakers didn't work. I just assumed that the harness that plugs into the console ran to the amp (factory amp) or the rear speakers, but I was surprised to not find any cables running from the console to anywhere else in the car. How are the back speakers affected by the center console?

Now my real problem: I installed the new console (somewhat) and plugged the harness in (screwed it in all the way). Now I notice that my rear speakers are very quiet and barely playing any sound. It seems like the majority of the frequencies are not being carried to the speakers, as I can hear, for instance, the words to a song but nothing else, no bass, etc.

I was wondering if this could be because I have the wrong console. I'm hoping this is not the case, as I bought it off eBay for 80 bucks before realizing that shipping would be 45 dollars. There's going to be no way to return this and its the only whole console that I have now. If its not the wrong console, could it have something to do with the fact that the console isnt installed properly? Thanks in advance for any help.

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your center console (the thing with the armrest?) had a plug/wires??

right in the corner on the end was the end of a plug, i assume it was for a cd changer.

Since the console has the rear seat control, the wire harness does affect the stereo. I still recommend swapping the harnesses, put the harness from your old console, into the new one. It will only take about 1 hour to swap 'em

a pioneer deh-p2700 and is there any alternative to swapping the harnesses, i just dont have the time nor the knowledge to do that :S

When I did my console I could see a diff in the harness right off and didn't risk the chance of malfunction, so I switched them. I can't say for sure it is what is wrong, but I'd bet a donut it is.
It isn't that hard really. Just be patient.
You can do it, and you'll get a boost of confidence when finished.
Just get the console back out, and while you are at it change over the front metal mounting bracket. I think it might be bent giving the alignment problem
If you get snagged up take some pics. I'll p.m my e-mail address to you

I am having a related issue. I would like to remove my center console altogether (well, I already did). But I would also like my rear speakers to work. I should be able to just splice some wires on the console side of the harness in order to get the rear sound back. But does anyone know which ones?