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Rear speakers and radio screen do not work


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August 31, 2018
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Chicago, IL
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2006 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi guys

I've decided to purchase a new radio for my 2006 explorer, but before I do that I wanted to know what could be causing the rear speakers to not work? The stock radio's screen no longer illuminates and I cannot access the settings on it to figure out whether the rear speakers work or not. How can I determine if the rear speakers are still in good condition or not?

One way is you can pull the rear door pannels and speakers and use the ohm setting on a digital multimeter to check the speaker coils. The ohm reading (i think its 4 ohms) should be printed on the speaker. To check the wiring you could pull the radio and use the ohm setting again and check across the two wires for the speaker the reading should be a few more ohms than the speaker.

I dont know the wire color codes for the speakers but that can be googled or if you take the door pannels off and pull the speaker you can note the wire colors.

Your speakers are likely good. They don't really fail very often - and usually not in pairs. Since you are obviously having trouble with your head unit that would likely be the problem.
Funny semi related story - I put a new head unit in my Ex and 4 new speakers. At some point, I noticed that things didn't sound quite right. Couldn't really put my finger on it - but the sound was off. I played with it one day and noticed by moving the fader control that my rear speakers weren't working! I pulled the door panels and yeah - being unhooked would do it. I had used the adapter wires to bridge the factory wiring to the new speakers. And I had failed to properly secure them which meant after a few window down cycles in the back doors they got unplugged.

I'm always impressed when I fail to meet my own already low expectations!
Sometimes I think I couldn't do worse if I actually tried to.

I actually did the same thing except the wires were shorting to the body and all the speakers would cut in and out.

I agree with 07EddyB chances of the speakers and/or wiring being bad on both rear speakers is slim.