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Rear Spring Survey

1) 1997 Mountaineer
2) 4 door
3) No towing package to the best of my knowledge... but how do I tell for sure
4) spring code 1F
5) No auto ride control
6) 5.5" shackle (bolt center to center)
7) 4 leaves measuring 1.81" thick in the center (including overload)
8) No plates between the leafs and lower the shock mount

Rear Axle Codes:

2 (01-05 Sport Trac Towing Package)
C (Ranger FX4 Level II)
F (95-00 Explorer 4dr 4-leaf)
H (95-00 Explorer Eddie Bauer/Limited AWD Air Ride 4-leaf)
L (95-00 Explorer 2dr 3" wide monoleaf)
U (90-94 Explorer 4dr 4x4 4-leaf)
V (90-94 Explorer 2dr 4x4 3-leaf)
W (Explorer 3-leaf)