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Rear stereo port not working; suggestions?


August 22, 2003
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Madison, Mississippi
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'96 XLT 2WD
Just bought a '96 Explorer with rear stereo port for headphones. After reading my owner's manual I decided to give the rear deck a try. Nothing… except for a dull tap when pressing the volume or station preset buttons on the rear deck. I tried simultaneously press 3&5 on the main deck, but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

hru out!

because you have the ford premium system it runs through an amplifier that is located in the rear passenger side cargo area. now because you have the rear controlls that changes the wiring system to what is called common ground. if you can put any kind of pressure on the rear controlls you might have a cold soder joint. unfortunatly the best thing to do with a factory ford system in an explorer is to replace the whole system. if you have any questions on anything else you can get a hold of me @