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Rear suspension question


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October 10, 2017
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Pompano Beach Florida
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1996 Ford Explorer xlt
there is a lot of play in the rear suspension if I grab the back wheel and shake it. If I shake the rear for a while it starts to make a clinking noise. Shocks don't feel awful but could use replacement soon. Can I get some help for what I may need to replace. I assume shocks and rear sway bar bushings, anything else to check. Appreciate the help.

Rear wheel bearings, quite a big job. If leaf springs check out the bushes.

There's probably a little play in everything but look at what moves a lot and what doesn't as some things may be worse than others. Are you noticing this with only one or both wheels jacked up? If only one then I'd think the wheel bearing is most likely. You may also have a 5th shock that connects to the rear differential though you would probably notice a bigger difference in it being weak on cornering opposed to just shaking the wheel:


the clinking sound comes from worn out traction lok disks, worn out
c-clips and worn out half axle shaft. There is an endplay which ist too big,
if you could put out the rear wheel more than 1 mm.
Maybee the S-Spring is broken?
Open the differential and take a look at.