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Rear Tire Mount?

I'd like to get a rear tire mount for my '97 but can't seem to find one. Does anyone recomend a place? Also, can I keep my factory bumper?

Hey Wingnut, i am currently in the final design phase for a rear swingout tire rack for the explorer. to my knowledge the rack will work with both 91-94 and later models with only a slight change in the bracket here at the shop. if you like i will add you to the list of interested parties, which will get an e-mail as soon as the product is for sale. if this sounds good to you please e-mail me at

and i will be glad to add you to the list. and yes it is designed to retain the factory bumper if you look in general explorations there is a post describing the rack in greater detail.


Umm.. .You do relize this thread's last post was 13 years ago?

Also, While I'm glad you like your RLC bumper... Don't go nuts with spamming about it on threads...