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Rear wheel disc brake shield


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October 24, 2009
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Irwin (Near Pittsburgh) PA
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97 X, 89 Bronco II
Does any one know where I can get a set of rear disc brake shields for a 97 Explorer Ford part number 2c028. I found one site and they wanted $80ea. Not that I'm cheap but they are only thin tin and I'm building a B2 and I only paid $100 for the whole axle the other u-pull wanted $200 for their axle and their shields were bad too. If anyone knows a reliable parts site please let me know. Thanks to all.

..Contact Kbabiak on the bottom of the forums page..He is in Pa too..;)

Hi Dave,

I am visiting the local yard this weekend, if you can wait, I am pretty sure I can get you a pair. Not sure what it will cost until I get them. If you are interesed you can PM me. I am in Lexington, SC so the cars here pretty much have no rust and the last time I was there they had quite a few of these.

Thanks for the reply. Frog I sent you a PM.