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rear wheel info

I am looking to install a set of lightning wheels on my 00 AWD mountaineer. I need to find the name of an aftermarket wheel maker since I am looking at a need for 10"to 12". What kind of backspacing will I be lookinfg for and will it fit?? section width range will be 305-345 with whatever aspect ratio thatll go with the fronts 295-45-18

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You might want to be careful about the overall diameter of the tires. If they are different. front smaller than rear, It could lead to damage of your awd system, whhich could be expensive.

lightning wheels wont fit your mounty

why no fit

5 by 114.5 right?? thanks for the advice on tire diameter, I am aware of thenecessity for the diameter being almost EXACT. I am looking for for a tire that has the same OD as a 295 45 18 , needs to be the same make and between 305 and 345 in width.

Try playing around with this tire caluculator. With that, you can figure out what OA would be the same with different widths.

The Lightening wheels are the metric equivalent of 5x5.5", your rig is 5x4.5. They won't fit without adapters.


Thanks ROBB!
But i was thinkking, why cant I just HOG out the bolt holes to make them fit, thats OK right??