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Rear window issue


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December 18, 2009
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Charlotte, North Carolina
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95 Sport trac
Hey All- I am new to the forum, but need help with a problem. My rear window on my 2005 Sport Trac will vent the two inch distance, but not lower all the way down. When I vent it, it will close again just as it should. I replaced the switch in the dashboard, but nothing changed. Anyone else have a similar issue who can shed some light?

Thanks, Ron

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I would first try the initialization process and if that doesn't work you'll have to dig in a bit deeper. Click on my profile and send me an email with the Sport Trac subject and I'll send you the info I have. I'm just up the road in Denver near Lake Norman and I'll be glad to help you figure it out.

Edit: Actually John posted it in the sticky here.


Thanks for the quick response- I didn't know there was such a thing as an initialization process- will try it this afternoon. Wish me luck.

welcome ron

Well, I did the initialization process and everything went according to the directions, but when I got to the part where the window was supposed to raise all the way up and then lower all the way down again, it wouldn't go down.

I went through the procedure a few more times really carefully, but the rear window will no longer lower at all during any step.

Looks like I will need to go a little deeper than I was hoping.

Any other suggestions are appreciated


Does it do anything at all now? Does it make any sounds as if the motor is running? Last movement it made, did it move smoothly or act as if it was in a bind? The initialization process has to be done exactly as instructed in the allotted time. If interrupted it has to be started from the beginning again, including the close/open door.

1. If it's completely dead/silent check the fuses that control it.(#3 in the battery junction box under the hood and #27 in the central junction box, under the dash)
2. You said you checked the switch. The photo below shows the back of the switch and the function of each terminal. The switch tells the motor what to do by ground signal, not power.


Did I send you the wiring diagrams I have?

Hi Steve, my ST has the same problem. I tried the re-initial. sequence and just get a little hum so i'm ready to start digging and testing, but what do you mean by the switch and motor use a "ground signal, not power"? I'm not an expert but I thought I knew basic electrical stuff.

You say you're getting a hum. You mean like the motor running? The cables from the motor to the regulator are bad to rust and break.


But to answer your question, there are two hot ( in Acc or On ) wires from the switch to the motor. When you turn the switch to select a function you're selecting a GROUND circuit to complete. In other words, instead of the motor being grounded and you sending power to it the motor already has power and when you turn the switch you're sending a ground to it.