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rear window woes


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December 14, 2002
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02 sport trac
SO my rear wondow, is pretty much possesed or worse.

ive dont the reset 10 times, really, im not kidding. one of those times was me paying the guy at for dealer 20 bucks to do it when he got off work.

the problem?

the reset goes off without a hitch, if anything the window could go up a little faster but its not horrible. After the reset i hit the vent button, no dice. i turn knob to the left, nada...and turning to the right. zip zero zilch.

wtf is going on? is the switch taking a dump or is there something else going on here?

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Check your grounds behind the right kick panel and anywhere else you can find them.

The switch is operated completely from grounds. No power in the switch except for the light.

thanks, i will take a look, but how would a bad ground make it not work outside of doing the reset procedure?

it works pretty much normal during the reset then bang, nothing.

i just poked my head in under that kick panel, all of the grounds look pretty clean and corrosion free. couldnt get but a 1/4 turn on the bolts. didnt fix the issue.

Are you saying that after the reset it does nothing when you turn the function switch? You have checked BOTH fuses for the window (inside & outside fuse boxes) ? If both above is true then it's pretty much an internal problem in the window motor. If it "tries" to work and stops then the regulator cable housing has probably rusted and broken, a distinct possibility with you being in the salt/rust North. I've never seen a bad dash switch.

im saying that after the reset the switch is useless, it has no function whatsoever.

and no, i didnt check fuses, if it worked during reset why wouldnt it work any other time? i guess ill go check those.

the regulator cable housing , i assume in located in the back behind the seats right?

if so, whats the trick to getting the sub box out of a poineer edition? the only seat that folds is the large passanger side, and i cant remove all the trim i need to to get to the area i need. Though i have considered using a dremel to cut the trim panels so i dont have to remove the sub.

so today i checked all the fuses, all were good. every fuse in the truck is good in fact. under the hood is a relay "window saftey relay" i tried a brand new one, no change. All the connections for anything under the right kick panel are good as well.

still window working during reset but not otherwise, any ideas people?

somewhere in the background a guy just said"heres your sign"

apparently during the reset procedures ive done the wiindow was set to up is open.

because i took a close look at the reset and realized that the procedure MUST be started with the window in the down/ open position. once i did that all is well i feel like a jack$$$

LOL! The initialization process is quite picky. One wrong blink and it doesn't work,which you found out.;) Glad it's working!