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Rear window


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April 27, 2018
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Conway, SC
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08 Sport Trac XLT V8
I searched everywhere I couldn’t find a thread on my problem. I have 2007 sport trac.the backstory is I noticed some rust bubbles on the rear corner on the passenger side of the cab. I wanted to check the inside to see if I could see down from the inside. I noticed the padding under the rubber flooring was wet. I ended up taking all the interior out and the entire pad was wet. I had my wife spray water on the back to find the leak. Ends up, the area where the rear window motor is is filling up with water and leaking through. 6DA19553-4291-40F0-B359-FFD51BB72C03This is where it is filling up at.
I can’t find information on the rear window. Mine has a big gap between the window and the trim on the outside. 2CD970A4-29DC-4DBF-8BA2-229EECF6E5C3Anyone else’s have this big of a gap? From inside with the cover off to access the rear window regulator the water just pours in. Is it supposed to drain out somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help.

Also I’m sure it’s not coming from the brake light. I replaced it about a year ago and it’s definitely not the source of the leak

from your picture, it looks like you are missing a seal that fills that gap, similar to the outside seal on all the side windows. I haven't had mine apart, but there is something missing there to fill that spot..

That’s what I was thinking also. The only part I can find is the one for the inner seal. I’m trying to find a picture of someone else’s to compare it to