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Rear windows defrost button does not stay pushed in...


February 16, 2008
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Morgantown, WV
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2001 XLT 4.0 4x4
My rear windows defrost button does not stay pushed in when i push it. It is suppost to depress and stay depressed like the fog lamp button, but instead it just pushed in and out and the LED does not come on.

for this reason is why i canot use my rear windows defroster and am wondering if the button is broken or if im doing something wrong...


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If I'm not mistaken it should not stay in like the fog light switch. It should be a momentary switch which trips a timed relay. The rear defogger will shut itself off when working properly.

is the LED real bright? it might work, im not sure i was just under the impression that it had to stay depressed.

oh its orange... i thought it was green, oh damn it might work... i got to keep reminding myself that it is a high quality Ford.