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Rear wiper issue


January 9, 2021
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Tulsa, Ok
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Broken Arrow, OK
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1999 Ford Explorer Sport
So my rear wiper was broken off and i got a replacement today. when i attach it it sticks out and doesn't sit where it should. It fit fine on the explorer i got it off of. im wondering if the shaft the arm bolts onto somehow got pulled out? Any ideas would be apreciated


Comparing your photos to mine, the spacing of the shaft looks right. I'm looking at a spare arm I have and it appears the pivot pin for the wiper arm isn't allowing full movement. These are often corroded and do not allow the spring to pull it fully against the glass. Or, is the plastic protective cover over the mtg nut causing it to bind?

It's a little hard to tell on the photos but to me it looks as if the rotating shaft that the wiper is bolted onto is angled and not coming out straight anymore.
There is probably something on the motor mount bent.

But the rear wipers on these trucks are generally almost useless, unless you modify them to work right. I personally never bothered opening the rear hatch on mine to do that because I hardly ever need it and when I do then the truck has two external rear view mirrors to get by.

Use the search function in this forum and you'll find some good instructions how to modify the rear wiper mount to get the wiper to work properly.

If you already need to fix it anyways, then I'd say it's worth modifying the mount so that it really works right and actually wipes the window clean.

Is the spring inside the arm broke or disconnected?