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Rear wiper motor groaning fix


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June 27, 2006
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Gig Harbor WA
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96 XLT
I haven't been able to find any information on this fix here, so I thought I would share. The rear wiper on my 95 was making a terrible groaning noise, and I determined that it was not the wiper itself, but the wiper shaft. The noise would stop if I pressed on the shaft in various different ways.

I pulled the rear gate panel and removed the wiper motor, expecting that I may need to disassemble it and inspect the internals for damage or lack of lubricant.

Instead I found that there appears to be an adjustment screw for the internal ring & pinion drive of the wiper motor. If I loosened the screw, the groaning became more pronounced as the motor ran. As I slowly tightened the screw, the noise stopped, and the wiper shaft play was eliminated.

For those that may have this issue, you do not even need to remove the motor. Just pull the rear gate cover, pull back the plastic, and remove the rubber air vent. You will then be able to access the motor, and you will see the large flathead adjustment screw on the side of the ring gear housing.