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rear wiper not working. HELP


August 4, 2005
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rogersville, MO
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92 XLT
the washer works, but no wiper, I changed the motor and still no wipers, what else could it be?
I dont know were the switch is that I have heard about.
any ideas would be appreciated.

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The wiper switch would be the rocker switch to turn the wiper/washer on in the lower left panel, where your left knee would be.

I'd be interested to hear if a new switch fixes it.

the inside switch works, because the washer works, there is a safety switch somewhere around the back glass.

I fixed it. It was the safety switch.

Where is the safety switch?

it is on the rear glass latch mechanism.

I noticed the wiper wouldn't swing this morning but the fluid would flow. I will look for the switch tomorrow as I open and close the class hatch frequently maybe I moved the switch? There are other posts that mentioned that water can get into the mechanism and prevent its has been raining on and off in LA for the past 2 days.


Check that the wiring harness underneath isn't damaged, I found mine to be damaged, also I have read many reports about it happening.

I just put a little pressure on the wiper arm and it started to swing and it has worked fine since then.

i can move mine completly through range and down to the bumper by hand. is that the motor or possible the switch you guys are talking about?