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Rebuilding a 2nd gen Explorer with a 1st gen rear clip

I have been having big computer troubles for a while. Here are two recent pictures, after the welding, and the painting of the clip. Regards,


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what is the white body putty you used? I ask because I am doing some rust repairs and will be needing some......the OEM stuff I knocked out was still pliable after 287K miles and 18 years.....

Seam sealer, this was 3M brand. My body man was dissappointed that the thick/coarse rock guard isn't available any longer. He is used to spraying that over clip welds, completely hiding the repairs.

For rust repairs, the liquid which I used on all of my rust areas seems very very promising. It is an old product which I bought as a gallon, called OxySolv. It is like water, and flows/creeps into seams far far better than any rust converter product. I used Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator over that, and on my frame. Time will tell of course, but the thin liquid seems like the best solution for killing old rust. Good luck,

wow. i just have no words for this.

Thanks for the thoughts all. I got a bunch of the paint work done today. The fenders and door jambs are painted, as well as the header panel, grille, bottom of the hood, door handles, cowl, radiator support, etc. Basically all the body work that is left is the hood painting, front bumper, and fender flares, etc.

I'll get pictures taken as I go along. I need to get the body and chassis bolted together, to get it off of the lift. Doing the wiring and reassembly will be my final tasks. Regards,

Any updates?

I sent you a PM too..


Here are the 12.75" brakes that I developed for my 98 Mountaineer. They may end up going on this 99 work vehicle later. They fit any 95-01 AWD/4WD Explorer or Mountaineer. Regards,


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How much for caliper brackets and parts I need for those brakes on my 96 AWD?

pretty please?

I mentioned this to Ryan(above), because he is working on something for his 1st gen. I will make a thread here also about the brakes, I have one on the forum. My idead started as using stock rotors and calipers, and I ended up having to make two piece rotors to get the right offset.

There are two other options besides this. The Saleen Explorers came with 13" brakes(Alcon), and were all recalled because the aluminum brackets were breaking. A member in Norway still had his, and remade the brackets in steel. Unfortunately the calipers and rotors are $1800, as special order parts. The pads alone are over $250, so actually only one person has assembled them, for his XP8.
The other option is a revival of a kit that EE put together on their first X-Spec prototype. Another member talked them into making them available. That setup uses stock Corvette rotors, cut to fit the 4WD hubs, and stock PBR calipers. The price wasn't official that I recall, but well over $1500.

These brakes that I have built I have over $1200 invested, plus quite a bit of labor. I will help a few serious people to have them, I'm aiming at $1400. I have ordered three pairs of custom hats, and one pair of matching rotors. With these I will have the bracket dimensions confirmed, and have a couple more pairs made. The calipers I use(stock rebuilt Corvette 65-82 powder coated with pads) have to be relieved slightly in the throats. I could let someone do that for themselves, but I already know how much trouble and time it takes. That is part of the labor I have to invest. Check out the other thread, and get back to me. Regards,

Okay maybe I'll just get the larger Sport trac rotors on my 96 for much cheaper then those prices and run good pads hahaha unless of course I win the lotto.

the 4 door 4x4 Explorer stock braking package has not impressed me

The 11" rotors sound like far too little rotor for a 4400 pound truck. The magic is in the calipers. They have 1.75" pistons, much larger than any modern performance vehicle, which is why I couldn't find a useable common later model four piston caliper.

I have the 2001 Sport/SportTrac brakes on this 99. The calipers are not better from those, keep the 95-01 calipers and pads. The spindle and rotor are the key parts there, plus the dust shield. Good luck,

I hate dust shields :) seems they block more air that helps cool the rotors, I have not had mine on in years and years.

Thanks for the tips.

A few more recent painting pictures, I only lack the hood to be repainted. As soon as we started spraying the hood, a swarm of termites came through for twenty minutes. I got 21 parts painted Tuesday, and the hood was first, and must be sanded again, etc. Regards,


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I also painted the 99 clip, and undercoated the whole underside.


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I don't think I had posted the body work on the clip.


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And more;


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