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Rebuilding a 2nd gen Explorer with a 1st gen rear clip

I've got most done now, I haven't spent the time to reduce the size of the pictures. I'll start with those of my second air system, compressor(Puma).


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I took the front suspension apart last year, replacing axles, and the differential seals.


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The 95-01 LF door connector holes are much different. I cut my 91-94 LF door to match the 99 harness connector.


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The dog is a friend's, named Dido, obsessed with chasing toys/sticks.

This is the OEM ARC air pump cleaned up before mounting. Happily the system works to start with.


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The hood after repainting(mosquitos), and the LF door after cutting to fit the 95-01 door panels. Notice the mirror mount holes, the top hole is shaped oddly for the 95-01 panels.


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The wiring was the biggest task. The original body harness was cut before I bought the truck, so I used a different harness, not from a Limited. I cut wiring from the four main harnesses of a 98 Limited for the ARC system, added special wiring for windows, turn signals, mirrors, stereo(in case), etc. So far just minor issues have turned up.


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The right front door switch was slow and not so fun to make.


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its geting there....

Props to your wiring!! I would have given up with frustration long ago!

It's still left hand drive, I just have mounted switches on the right for turn signals, windows, mirrors, and strobes. I will finish an onboard air compressor last, and have more work space when finished.

Here are a few wiring pictures from last Fall.


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More wiring, both for the OEM ARC shocks, and auxilliary circuits.


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This is from final wiring the electric fan, and the ARC shock height sensor. I elongated the frame holes to adjust the rear ride height. With 1" blocks in back, one torsion bolt out and the other set for level, I have it lower than stock, but not exactly what I had in mind.


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I have been busy, but I have been driving this truck. The odometer worked fine for ten miles, then it began quiting every once in a while. I counted miles, I know generally how far every trip I make is, pulled it back out and looked it over, adding the needed miles. After that made no difference, I changed the whole speedometer as a unit. It is good now, and the speedometer is really close also. I'll put the back interior back into it today.




I have to drill new holes for the front fender flares, there are 95-98 flares and 98-01 flares which take different fender holes. The air tanks, lines, and running boards will be last to do, but it is a nice driving truck as it is. I'll drive it until the 16" tires are worn out, then decide about the height again. If it has any bottoming out now when loaded, then the back would be high enough. Hopefully the ARC shocks will let me drop it another 1/2" or so in back, the front could go down another inch easily. Regards,

That front clip looks like it's darker... or is it just me?
The whole thing looks a bit strange now... combo - first and second gen. kind of cool. Get the best of both worlds, right?

BTW. I converted rear end of my 94 Limited to accept 97 tails... cutting the rear quarters.

I admire your wiring work... that was most likely pretty painful to put together...

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Man oh man how does it drive? Its been ALOT of work! Congrats!! That is one sharp and customized ride for sure