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Rebuilding a 5R55S trans- What valve body kits?


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November 10, 2010
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pigeon forge tn
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2005 Explorer
I am in the process of rebuilding my 5R55S trans out of my2005 6cyl Explorer. I have done some searches and have not really found an answer as to what kits I need for the valve body. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
It did not have reverse, missing some forward gears with engine flair up, and fluid was dark and burnt.
Bob T

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Looks like I have more questions than there are answers. I was also looking for the tool to remove the pump. I haven't come across a part number or where it can be bought?
Bob T

Found one for a reasonable price.
Bob T

I would leave the valve body alone, I don't see issues with this one often. Just clean it really good and make sure the valves move freely and reinstall it.

Make sure you replace the solenoid block, the valve in the pump and sleeve the case.

Thank you very much.
Bob T

Any suggestions on where to get the solenoid block? I have seen rebuilt ones, ford new ones, and then I read somewhere that they can't be rebuilt?
Bob T:usa:

I have used both new and rebuilt without issues, I prefer the new OEM over rebuilt.

I get a lot of my parts through Transtar. 1800-633-3340.

I got the monster apart. So far the biggest thing I found was the intermediate clutch pack is burned up. It got that hot it took the tension out of the retaining ring. Would that be a result of the loss of pressure from the servo bores? Or maybe it is called the direct drive clutch pack.
Bob T
Well I can't post the pics.


See if this works. This is a picture of the direct drum on my 5r55s/ I can't find what caused it. The center support seems ok an d the reverse modulator valve seems ok. Anybody have any other ideas? It got that hot that the retaining ring lost its tension and was loose in the drum.
Bob T

Cant access the video, its is set to private.

I would replace the whole drum, piston and all. You should be able to find someone to sell one "loaded"

Reason for that drum to be badly burnt can be a number of things. Check the center support bearing inner race, sometimes the crack.

Make sure you air check your drums when going back together.


I checked the center support and it looks ok.
Bob T

I would think that if the servo bores are worn enough that it could cause the drum to burn. The intermediate band has to released to allow the direct drum to apply, so if its not releasing like it should due to worn bores it could cause a bind or a loss of pressure due to the worn bores.

It was only the top clutches that were burnt. The lower ones were not that bad.

I have my rebuild kit, my solenoid pack is on its way, the shift kit will be here tomorrow, and a case with the servo bores sleeved and the direct drum should be here by Monday.
Bob T

Hi Bob! I’m rebuilding my 06 mountaineer and looking for info came across your info. I’m just wondering how did it go?

Where can I get my case sleeved? I live in the midwest....