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Rebuilt 1993 transmission question


January 7, 2002
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Mobile, Alabama
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1993 XLT
Hey,folks. Yesterday I had my al4d transmission rebuilt from AAMCO. They replace all of the "perishible" parts, the torque converter, and rebuilt the oil pump. They said that none of the other "hard" parts needed replacing.

Here's the problem now (and maybe it's not anything). Driving home on the interstate yesterday, the engine rpm's in OD were up at 2000 going about 65 MPH. I dropped it a gear to D to see if maybe it simply didn't engage OD, but then the rpm's went up to about 2500. Way back when the trans was working fine, I could have swore that given the above criteria, the rpm's were closer to 1500 in OD.

I guess I just need to know if this is normal operation or do I need to take it back to AAMCO.

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Sounds about right to me - 2000 RPM'ish in OD at that speed.

@ 75mph the rpm should be 2500 give or take 1-2 rpm it was that way with my b2 and now with my x heck even my wifes grand am sets @ 2500 @ 75

oh my gosh. You guys cant jsut say this rpm is right for that speed without comparing tire sizes and gear ratios.

It may be that they did not get the wiring to the A4LD hooked up completely, the computer controls the converter lock up and the 3-4 shift (OD)

It could also be a fluid level issue, it could be you are not used to a new trans, and it could be the trans needs to break in. :)
Give it time and see, as long as it is shifting and driving good consider yourself lucky.
Now you can test if the OD is working by counting the numer of shifts from a stop.
1 - 2 - 3 then converter lock up can feel like a shift, then finally OD.
OD will only kick in over 45 mph.
Also when you drop it into D from OD it should make a definate downshift ONLY if you were in OD

true to a point 410 but the tire size on my x and my wifes ga are a long ways from the same heck they arent even the same manufacurer of vehicle most od trannys ive driven are running at 2500 rpm @ 75 mph the way i understand it is that tire size only matters after a certn size and even at that with a bigger tire the engine shouldnt have to turn the tire as many times to get the same distance as a smaller tire if my thinking is totally off please let me know cause i do get mixed up some times:)

410 has a point. I was simply assuming the run of the mill same factory stock gear ratios and stock tire sizes, like 99% of then first gens. If he had mods I ignored that. Good point.