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Rebuilt 5r55e reverse not working


August 1, 2006
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98 explorer
I just rebuilt the 5r55e transmission with the help of a certified chevy mech.He had never rebuilt a 5r55e or any ford transmission, but has sucsessfully rebuilt many chevy trans. My problem is it will not drive in reverse it seems to engage but wont drive. the overdrive light is not flashing a code we also installed a shift kit in it. all the other gears work fine including low wich is the same band as reverse right. the bands are adjusted to speck. It is a 97 ford explorer xlt 4.o sohc engine wit the trac control 4x4.

please any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Well... let's see.... going to the FORD manual here.... "No reverse"

1. transmission shift cable and bracket misadjusted or damaged. DTR sensor out of adjustment

Glacier's analysis: The fact it feels like it wants to move suggests this is not it.

2. Filter damaged, plugged, seal damaged or missing.

This is a possible and "relatively easy" to check. But continue on here.

3. Valve Body/Main Control

Screws out of adjustment
Gasket damaged or off location
Separator plate damage
2-3 shift solenoid (bore 203) 3-4 Shift solenoid (Bore 204) or Reverse
modulator valve (bore 205) spring damaged, missing, misassembled,
stuck of bore damaged.
Wrong component used in rebuild

4. Pump Assembly

Screws out of torque specification
Pump damaged or leaking

5. Reverse clutch assembly.... leaking check ball in piston, leaking seal rings
Direct/Reverse servo piston seal cut, leaking.

My gut sense says that you should first visually check the DTR alignment and cabling. I doubt you will find anything there. Then...Drop the pan and check the filter O rings for presence and integrity. If they are OK, drop the VB and go back through it... paying special attention to bores 203/204/205. I think somewhere in there you may discover something. If not... we are facing other issues that may necessitate dropping then trans (gawd forbid).

Let me know if I can be of further help.

ps. the 5R55E VB Rebuild Diary has a VB breakdown by bore.

Thanks for the quick response glacier. how do i adjust the the dpr. i know i have to loosen the 8 mm bolts and turn it but is there a rule of thumb on the placement.

thanks again

The reverse lights do come on, but i had it adjusted all the way to both sides at different times and they came on in reverse no matter which way it was turned

Without the gauge I'd start admidships.... but then I am doubtful this is your problem.

glacier in your first post you said screws out of adjustment. where you talking about the tourqe on the valve body bolts?

Is there any thing else besides the ohms i should check on the solanoids because they ohm out within specs.

thanks for the help i will be checking some of your suggestions tomorrow.

I wouldn't get excited about the solenoids per se at this point. I'd stay the course I laid out for now.

today i switched the valve body out with one i had laying around just to see if the problem was in the vavle body. all gears work now but sometimes when i go from park to drive it acts like it is in nuetral, but if i put it in 1st or 2nd then to drive drive engages. and now the od light flashes.i dont have access to a code puller so i dont know what the code is.

thanks again

I'd carefully go through the VB you rebuilt..... see if you can find a mistake in the assembly.... I am guessing you might. I'd not chase the problems with the donor right now.... find your problem in the rebuilt VB and reinstall it is my advice. The donor did its job. It told you the problem was in the VB.

5r55e reverse issues

I found this forum trying to solve a tranny issue: funky reverse. I want to thank all of you, especially Glacier, for the information and experiences shared. Before reading the forum I would not have attempted to do anything with a VB but you guys and the diary gave me what I needed to tackle the job. Thanks again.

Here's the long version of my tranny trouble - 1998 Explorer, 4.0, 4wd, 5r55e

Reverse went mostly went away. The truck would move in reverse for about 10ft and then the tranny would slip or lock up. This is what I did using the information on this forum and elsewhere.

1. Changed the filter = no help
2. Changed the reverse servo seal = no help
3. Pulled the xfer case = shift fork and oil pump and everything else inside looked new = no help
4. Put in the Ford TSB kit. There was a blow out in the original gasket near the reverse servo. Physical evidence of a problem. Whoo hoo! The kit went in easy thanks to Glacier's diary. The description and pictures were invaluable. Also thanks to the guy who posted pics of the manual valve. Didn't get it hooked up the first time.

I was surprised at how much fluid is needed to refill. I put in 5 qts but its still a little low. I test drove down the drive and back. All gears work but are slow to engage. I'm hoping its just the fluid level. I'll let you know.

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Topped off fluid. Same problem. Got very little reverse in 2wd - about 10'. Same with 4wd high. With 4low I get adequate reverse. Is this likely a tranny issue or a xfer case isssue?