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Rebuilt transmission troubles


May 23, 2010
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Farmington, Mn
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94 Ranger
So in the first place, i had the transmission in my truck (4.0 OHV w/ a4ld) rebuilt because my truck was shifting rough and it wouldnt shift into overdrive (torque converter wasnt locking). The shop had said that it was a miracle that the truck even moved. Well after having everything inside either rebuilt or replaced, the truck drove just like a dream.. For about 2 weeks. Then i started having the same overdrive issue. i brought it back in, they reset the computer, and the problem was solved.. for about another week. I've had to reset the computer multiple times now for about a month. this seems to solve the issue for a while. the shop says its the computer, but i'm completely stumped.

Here's what seems to be causing it: Whenever i bring the tach above 2700rpm, the transmission wont shift into overdrive. i usually dont go above 2300 when i drive, but it seems everytime i go above 2700rpm or so, the torque converter stops locking in 4th gear @ 50-55mph. so when this happens, on a flat road @ 60mph i'm at 2900rpm. usually i'm at 2000 rpm.

So what i'm wondering does anybody else think its the computer? Or any other ideas would be helpful too. If it is the computer, i would greatly appreciate some directions as to where the numbers are on the computer so i can get a new one.