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Reciever hitch/ aftermarket fog lamps question


January 18, 2010
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Tulalip, Wa
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2004 XLT
I just bought a 2002 project explorer. It is the V6 XLT, and came with basically the base trim package for the exterior, and the completely pointless 1" receiver with 4-prong plug.
My first question is... what does it entail upgrading to a factory 2" receiver with the bigger plug? Does the wiring need re-done? I tow pretty regularly and either need to switch it out or hurry up and swap engines and sell it...

My second question is, without completely removing my front bumper, how can I tell if my car was set up for fog lights, and/or how difficult is it to wire them in as they would have been from the factory? I've already found the bezels and lights... but nothing to do with the wiring for "aftermarket" installation.