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Recomendation Wanted for Transmission Repair


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February 28, 2010
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Quincy MA
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2003 Eddie Bauer
Yesterday my 2003 Explorer (V6 with 5 speed Auto, 96,000 miles) developed a Transmission Problem. It is shifting at much higher RPMs from 2-3, the OD off light is on and the check engine light is on. The ODB II Code that is showing is P0775 - Pressure Control Solenoid B Malfunction.

From reading other threads I understand that this could mean that I need to replace the Solenoid Body or it could be a symptom of a larger problem.

This type of repair is beyond my comfort level. I was hoping someone here may be able to point me to a mechanic / repair shop in my area that will accuratly diagnose the problem and not automatically tell me I need a new transmission. Dealers are usually a high cost solution in my area and I am not sure of places like AAMCO.

I live just south of Boston MA in the Quincy / Milton area. I appreciate all assistance.

I am in no way an expert here, but I have been reading a lot about these trannies for a few years.

Until one of the Pros checks out your thread, I recommend not driving it at all. Seems that I have read that once you get your symptoms, any continued driving may result in more extensive repairs required. (But I may be over-reaching).