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Recommend a CD player for 1992 w/factory premium system


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September 14, 1999
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Buffalo N.Y.
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92 EB 4dr 4x4
1992 X with factory toggle volume premium system. My wife would be thrilled for Christmas if I could install a am/af cd unit in her x. I want to keep the factory amp and speakers, can anyone recommend a cd unit and wiring hareness if needed, for less than $200. Oh I hate detach faces, and if the unit has a better amp I would bypass the factory amp but still use the factory speakers. I respect all the audiophiles out there but just need a simple cd head unit to go in the truck.

ummmm correct me if i'm wrong but almost any headunit out there will be compatible with any car. I'm pretty sure you will need a harness-probably no more than $5-$6, and you can find a lot of cd decks for under $200. If you want it installed by someone go to like circuit city or best buy or something.....but if YOU want to install it try online dealers such as good luck!

You are right size wise there are tons of choices, Most new units have about 25 watts x 4 how do I bypass the factory amp and use current speakers , or do I use a preamp out to the factory amp. I will do the install myself and did 12 + remote starts I am very handy electrically but was trying to get an Idea on what to do with just a simple head unit change. Also I don't like all the tiny buttons and flashy stuff on some head units. Sony has a nice simple clean looking one but its silver color. What brands are decent and what should I stay away from in the $200 or less range. Thanks

Order from Crutchfield then. They will give you the mounting kit, the raidio harness, & the bypass harness for your X. Since it's near Christmas, they should have some specials going on. You splice the power, & speaker wires from the new head to the harness, then just plug it into the factory wire harness. Then you plug the bypass inline to the 2 connectors going to the factory amp. You will need to take the passanger rear panels out to accees the amp. It's behind the passanger rear panel, in the hatch area above the wheel well.