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Recommended spark plugs for 06 V8


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November 16, 2007
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06EB V8
I have 77 K on my 06, 4wd v8, no issues or missfires with the engine, just my driver rear hub failed and had to replace it.

What are recommended spark plugs for those, and is there anything special to replace them? I know there is an issue with 5.4 on F150 where the sparkplugs break in half and the electrode falls into the cylinder. Does 4.6 on Exp have same issue ?


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i dont know about teh V8...but I tried every plug in my V6 and every one of them failed within 1000 miles. I finally went back to OEM motorcrafts and they havent failed yet. My V6 would not accept any other plugs..I tried autolite, bosch, NGK, etc.

The general school of thought is that Fords like OEM plugs. Go Motorcraft or Autolite (made by the same company).

yes Motorcraft plugs and wires all the way.

after battling a issue with my dad's f150 with misfire issue and hesitation going back to factory plugs and wires finally cured the issue.

on my 98 Exp when i bought it i found a receipt that it had plugs and wires replaced at shop they used autolite plugs and carquest wires.

i changed them out after awhile and immediately noticed better fuel mileage, yes the plugs did have some miles on them but i don't plan on using anything but motorcrafts every again.

Usually Motorcraft plugs/wires can't be had anywhere but dealers or online.

they are very decently priced on rockauto.

Hi Explorer_PL,
the earlier 4.6 3V is the same design as the 5.4 3V. Read as much as you can find about the plug change (and you will find more than you will like) before going to work! There are special tools availible to help recover broken parts of the plugs if needed, but not in every case they do the trick.
Still, a lot of people have no issues after following the steps Ford requires.
This engine design was the reason for me to trade my V8 for a V6.
Good luck with it...

Ach ja, make sure you use a "one piece" plug. Won´t need wires...

From what I have read, all early 3 valve V-8's have the same head design & therefore problems removing the plugs. The heads were re-designed mid 07 model year.

Ford put out a TSB in regards to plug removal, find it, copy and make yourself familiar with what you are faced with.

Consider buying the following:
1- 9/16" OTC- 6900 spark plug socket
1- Lisle 65600 plug extraction tool kit
1- can of carb cleaner (Ford makes this in spray can)
8- plugs of your choice. (champion 7989 are 1 pc design)

Best of luck.
And do a search on plug removal/replacement. Someone on this site just recently posted a very good howto.

Motorcrafts are good. I use Autolite XP's. The Autolites performed better than Motorcraft in my '03 and about the same in my '06.