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Name: Tyler
Truck: 1993 Eddie Bauer Explorer

welp...this is my baby. got her in the fall of 2007 as a gift from an elderly woman at my church. she bought it right off the showroom floor when it was brand new, and she kept it in excellent condition. the only real driving she did was to church, grocery store, and to the flower shop (which she put a tarp in the back so no dirt would get in the carpet). when i got her she had a whopping 54k on the odometer! and of course the paint was in scratch less.

just after a fresh coat of black on the grill and the wipers.

aint she beautiful?

now comes lift time!

what its got:
Rough Country 4 inch lift
1.5 inch coil seats
Warn Manual hubs
Sway bar disconnects
new brakes all around
disk 8.8 from an 01'
4.88 gears not locked

Rebuilt A4LD with shift kit
Manual mod for electric bw1354 (check my sig)
fully rebuilt 4.0- bored to 3.992, comp cam, new heads, new bottom end, smith bros push rods
motorcraft plugs
9 mm wires
TB mod/cable mod
air box mod into fender well
hi flow cat (straight thru)
flowmaster 40
2.5 inch side pipe.

33x12.5x15 Firestone A/Ts
Cragar soft 8s

4x100 watt floods on top
2x55 watt rear flood lights
red LED interior lights under all the seats

Dual 100 watt FM/CD/USB/iPod/Aux stereo
4 Alpine type S speakers
stock jbl amps
10" kicker comp
custom ported fibreglass stealth sub enclosure.
Cobra 19 III CB/PA
30 watt PA horn
6 switch, switch board in center console
2 pillar mount gauges, water temp and vacuum.
2 dash mount gauges, oil pressure and trans temp

48" highlift (mounted in cargo area)
total of 60 feet of cable, chain, and strap
good ol' come-a-long:)
big cross lug wrench
spare tire (33x12.5 BFG M/T)
misc tools, sockets, and 1 3/8 wrench (under drivers seat within reach);)
gallon of 10w-30
few quarts of ATF
case of water bottles
change of clothes

shes my DD so thats about it...nothin too crazy:exporange...

liftin her up








roof rack time!
why pay nearly 500 for something when you can make it for 50!




the stereo system
had a nice alpine stolen due to the lack of security system. now im runnin the cheapie dual deck at wally world.
but heres my custom sub enclosure powered by the stock amps.





this is it for now. but ive got some big plans when mid july comes. ill let you guys see what im talkin about. ;)

Thanks guys! :salute: happy trails.

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i like it! have you had any issues with the rc drop brackets and your diff?

kinda yes...kinda no...
i do see a few marks on the diff case from where the bracket has hit a few times.
but it has yet to bust thru. i pan on taking care of that when i tear into the axles again in a few months. ill prob end up just grinding the plate down so it doesnt hit and creating new bump stops.

Yeah, the 4" RC lift isnt too expensive and so I've been thinking I may go that route, but the drop bracket problem is my only concern. I heard grinding the bracket down fixes it. In all honesty though, why hasnt RC fixed the bracket? Surely they've received complaints about it?

its a great lift for the money, but the springs will tend to sag on you. although thats not uncommon among big name lifts.
i have no idea why rc hasnt changed it. my guess would be that they already have alot of parts manufactured and packaged already and they dont want to take the time to fix it...?
i have contemplated just cutting out a whole corner of that drop bracket and just having it held on the bottom with 3 bolts instead of 4. im sure its plenty, if not then i can weld them together as well.

nice x u got

u got sound clip of the exhaust

Um... Not that I know of. I'll try to record somethin this weekend if I can find a device that has good enough sound quality.
I just helped my buddy pull an all-nighter and get the engines pulled and swapped in his '99 tahoe, he spun a rod bearing in it and blew the valves up in the trans. Then we got his new 383 assembled... so I'll be pretty beat tomorrow...or shall I say today....

But to compare my exhaust to anything... Pffft....I would say flowmasters on a 90s mustang with the 4.6, only the 4.0 is a higher pitch. But it has the raspy grumble of a flowmaster. Duno if his helps... It's 5:31 AM and I've been up for 22.5 hours workin on vehicles, so I'm not thinkin too straight.

i got single in and dual out flowmasters on my 01 sport and it sounds awesome i need to get a sound clip of it sometime.

I got the 40 series as well i eventually wanna get true duals a somewhat bad sign from the x the other day. a buddy and i were at a stop light (you can see where this is going) and were playin around with our engines....
and he noticed white smoke coming out of my exhaust pipe when i would reach about 3500 to 4000 rpm.

he told me it was a sign of a bad head gasket, is this true? he also said it could be coolent getting into the intake.
if it is in fact a head gasket, then how much longer do you guys think i have till it blows?

seems like just recently the x has thrown up some issues.
for the last day or two ive been rollin windows down, i mean ya know its gettin hot outside...and i noticed a squeek. it seems to be something in the drivers front hub and bearing assembly. i repacked the wheel bearings about 6 months ago.
my question is, Should they need to be repacked again after 6 months of driving? ive only taken her in the mud maybe 4 or 5 times since then.
any help would be appreciated.
thanks guys

alright. i tore down the drivers side wheel bearings and found out that it was not in fact the bearing...but the rotor hitting the brake pad. one of the retaining clips was bent out, allowing it to hit the rotor.
anywho... got some new parts!
took a trip to the salvage yard to get some long awaited goodies...have a looksie!
picked up these navajo tails for 15 a pop! im trying to determine if i should polish, paint, and keep them...polish, paint, and sell them!

some XJ leaf spring top plates for when i redo my soa (the right way:D)

one BIG ford emblem. which i am now doing the custom colors mod...gonna paint it black like the others. i plan on putting a billet grill in and then putting the emblem on the upper drivers corner.

some big and BEEFY tow hooks from an 01 sport

another tranny cooler so i can run 2 of them, gotta make sure im keepin it cool! :cool:

and last but not least...the whole reason why i went out there in the first place! here it is! the 8.8 with disks! the lines and calipers/rotors/pads all look nearly new. its off the same 2001 sport that the tow hooks came from.

i also got some other random little things like another OH $hit handle for the drivers side, new window switch panel for the drivers side, DC plug...and some more small stuff i cant remember off the top of my head.
but i did find some nearly new Pro Comp 3 inch lift socks on a first gen. i scooped one of them in the rear but the other one is in such a way that it is nearly impossible to get to. but im bound and determined to get it. so ill be back soon so seek revenge!

the total damage of today was a whopping! $221.86 :thumbsup:


oh and on a side note, just thought i should add a crazy pic i took at my buddies shop. one of my good 4x4/gear head buddies is always rippin up $hit...well this time he did it good. we were on our way to pick up another friend so we could pull another all-nighter on his ZO6 swapped camaro, well as we were havin fun sliding around corners in his 99 tahoe with a 383 stroker... the passenger side tire lifted up off the ground and started spinning really fast, then when it hit the ground it skipped and we felt a CHUG and heard a BANG!
and it still drove fine so we didnt worry about it...well we stopped at Shell to get some gas. and when we pulled out it went for about 6 feet then the rear tires locked up and skidded, so we backed up again and the same thing happened. and to make a long story short...we drove home 4 miles with the rear end making a nasty clunk and grinding noise. so this is what resulted...
when we got it in the air and the diff ripped apart i just turned to him and said "hey man, its a chevy...:rolleyes:"
here is the diff can see the damage

got the navajo tails waxed and polished, also got a few coats of Dupli-color exterior paint on them, now they POP!

NOTE: the right tail lights reverse light is dirty...its since been cleaned out.

yea it shouldntv been ur bearings. i just had mine repacked bout a month ago too. and i would tint those tail lights. would looked awesome!:)

had some requests about my PA and other stuff, so here ya go. :thumbsup:

you can see my PA horn mounted under the air intake. the engine bay is a tad dirty...

also here is the switch panel ive been working on. got it wired up for the most part. i just need a relay or two and wire them into the ignition switch.

and i got the tails put on. how sweet do those look? :cool:

Very nice. That remote in the cup holder looks very similar to mine. ;) I also like the placement of your CB. Might have to copy you on that.

Very nice. That remote in the cup holder looks very similar to mine. ;) I also like the placement of your CB. Might have to copy you on that.

ahahah thanks, go right ahead...i stole that placement idea from Foxracin!

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went back to the salvage yard to retrieve a few more goodies that i saw last time but didnt quite have the money/tools to pull them.
can anybody tell me why these wont make a better substitute for the skyjacker FA600? these have a bend in both of them that seems to be factory, it came off of a 92 2wd explorer sport with a 5 speed in it (bad news, the trans was gone :( )

(the arms are just set at that angle in my driveway, doesnt mean that they will be the same angle on my truck.

just another shot of the bend

also grabbed this little betty for 10 bucks, its gonna be my spare. and it holds air too!