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red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

Name: Tyler
Truck: 1993 Eddie Bauer Explorer

welp...this is my baby. got her in the fall of 2007 as a gift from an elderly woman at my church. she bought it right off the showroom floor when it was brand new, and she kept it in excellent condition. the only real driving she did was to church, grocery store, and to the flower shop (which she put a tarp in the back so no dirt would get in the carpet). when i got her she had a whopping 54k on the odometer! and of course the paint was in scratch less.

just after a fresh coat of black on the grill and the wipers.

aint she beautiful?

now comes lift time!

what its got:
Rough Country 4 inch lift
1.5 inch coil seats
Warn Manual hubs
Sway bar disconnects
new brakes all around
disk 8.8 from an 01'
4.88 gears not locked

Rebuilt A4LD with shift kit
Manual mod for electric bw1354 (check my sig)
fully rebuilt 4.0- bored to 3.992, comp cam, new heads, new bottom end, smith bros push rods
motorcraft plugs
9 mm wires
TB mod/cable mod
air box mod into fender well
hi flow cat (straight thru)
flowmaster 40
2.5 inch side pipe.

33x12.5x15 Firestone A/Ts
Cragar soft 8s

4x100 watt floods on top
2x55 watt rear flood lights
red LED interior lights under all the seats

Dual 100 watt FM/CD/USB/iPod/Aux stereo
4 Alpine type S speakers
stock jbl amps
10" kicker comp
custom ported fibreglass stealth sub enclosure.
Cobra 19 III CB/PA
30 watt PA horn
6 switch, switch board in center console
2 pillar mount gauges, water temp and vacuum.
2 dash mount gauges, oil pressure and trans temp

48" highlift (mounted in cargo area)
total of 60 feet of cable, chain, and strap
good ol' come-a-long:)
big cross lug wrench
spare tire (33x12.5 BFG M/T)
misc tools, sockets, and 1 3/8 wrench (under drivers seat within reach);)
gallon of 10w-30
few quarts of ATF
case of water bottles
change of clothes

shes my DD so thats about it...nothin too crazy:exporange...

liftin her up








roof rack time!
why pay nearly 500 for something when you can make it for 50!




the stereo system
had a nice alpine stolen due to the lack of security system. now im runnin the cheapie dual deck at wally world.
but heres my custom sub enclosure powered by the stock amps.





this is it for now. but ive got some big plans when mid july comes. ill let you guys see what im talkin about. ;)

Thanks guys! :salute: happy trails.

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crappy cell phone shot, but this happened today...thought it was a little bit interesting.

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rear disks success

got the disk 8.8 with 4.88s in last night. finally buttoned it up around 2 am.
the new performance/torque gain with it is AMAZING! plus stopping power, i now actually feel it pulling in the rear on hard stops. it feels like my x is alive!!! :burnout:

last shot of the POS drums

its in! ahahah pinion angle not so much...


should have painted this but didnt have time. ill do that next weekend



oh i didnt mean it...i apologized and we went out to dinner later.

i think ill keep the 33s for a bit. 35s will run me bout a grand. but does anyone know about how much my speedo will be off by?

got all the front end junk finished. repacked and cleaned all bearings and just gave my ttb a look over. now with all the 4.88s in its time for some wheelin!


new cupholder!



that cant be good! turns out my vent tube was nonexistent.

also got the moog drag links in to hopefully solve my fa600 issue. and clearly not the "Problem Solver"

if they dont work (which currently they are not, gonna see what firestone has to say) then i will return them and put my fa600 for sale on here for 180 plus shipping. ill start a For Sale thread soon for all my extra parts.

FA600 problem fixed!
took this at the gas station last night, sorry for the cell pic but you get the idea

next mods to come: (in this order most likely)
heat tape intake tube
interior LEDs in dash and gauge cluster as well as under dash and seats. (red)
rock lights
hood scoop over air filter
Bii/heep cherokee rear gas tank

also forgot to mention that while at firestone getting the front end aligned... i managed to get lifetime alignment and road hazard (for me its trail hazard!) tire replacement plan on all 4 of my tires. for a whopping $243.63 (thanks to my dad awesome negotiating skills and knowing the manager)

went back to the salvage yard yesterday. found some goodies like always!
i got really excited when i saw this, so i started removing it. but turns out someone had already started taking it off and the one bolt right behind the exhaust Y pipe had been all mauled up from someones wrench and it was nearly impossible to take out. so i had to let it go. it shifted into all gears too... :(

after then taking another look at the truck i found a few of these.

then i found a few kenwoods.
these were some of my better finds, starting from top left to bottom right... 2 kenwoods 2 infinity reference series, and the bottom row are all alpine type S that all came from explorers. got them for a whopping 5 bucks each.:thumbsup::D

after that find i just went browsing....till i stumbled upon a Bii with a bodylift and some other mods. which then made me realize how much i would like to purchase a Bii, it looks like a fun little truck.:p: then right next to it was an explorer limited which had this. which i picked up for 26 bucks with hardware.

got a couple of explorer badges as well, gonna cut off the Sport part and put then on both front fenders like Rangers and Bronco IIs
oh and i also got a new intake tube since mine had a crack in it. then i did this to it.

the receiver hitch on my truck with some paint on it.

total spent was 83 bucks. not bad i dont think considering im selling some of those speakers for 15 each. :thumbsup:

You can pull the tranny out with the exhaust still on. Just have to pull it and kind of turn it sideways a little. I do it all the time and the junkyard.

sweet! knowing that gives me more hope. but a bolt head was stripped on the passenger side of the trans that bolts to the block.
a few buddies and i are just gonna bring a cordless sawzall and cut all around the top of it in the cab, then just pull it out the top. =]
plus there is more access!

got some dupli color spry bed liner and did the 2 emblems i got for the front fenders.

one blacked out emblem and one in the process...

also bought a billet grille for the front. :thumbsup:

got the billet grille in and put on. trying to decide where to put the FORD emblem. thinkin in the lower drivers corner like a BII.

also got one of these! its a trucker horn off of a big rig. found it in my bosses garage when i was detailing a few cars for him. gonna mount them on my roof rack. need an air tank and a compressor first. then i wanna make one of those pull strings on the ceiling to activate it. :D:thumbsup:


heres a little vid for the sound. i like it!:thumbsup:

had some requests about my PA and other stuff, so here ya go. :thumbsup:

you can see my PA horn mounted under the air intake. the engine bay is a tad dirty...

also here is the switch panel ive been working on. got it wired up for the most part. i just need a relay or two and wire them into the ignition switch.

and i got the tails put on. how sweet do those look? :cool:
Do you have the Wiring diagram for your switchboard with the 2 dc outlets, and the wiring diagram for the ignition switch?

yes and no....the DC outlets are wired up and wired into the stock harness. but the switches are powerless as of right now. in a week or so i will be wiring them in. i do have a diagram with relays how i am going to run it. it also has an auxillary fuse box like Dannyboy did on his truck. click me!

but here is the diagram i drew out while i was bored. i also added a 4th relay. i duno why...but i will be running 1 relay to 2 switches.
ill see if i can get it to upload...

its been a money filled past few days....sigh...
the other day the sploder started acting up and died on my in an intersection, it was all over the place RPM wise and wouldnt idle. it was also coughing huge puffs of black smoke and it smelled really strong of fuel. (clearly its WAY rich)
that little valve on top of my intake manifold on the drivers side went out. so i replaced that.
then i call my buddy whos the manager at firestone and he came out and plugged in the computer to pull some codes. turns out i was tripping 7 codes...ahahahhahahh
and he checked voltage at the MAF, TB sensor, and that new valve. and all were ok except for the MAF, it was dropping voltage suddenly and then staying really high up at idle. then we noticed that for some reason i was getting 0 volts of "Main power" (duno what that means exactly.) so he pulled the computer out from the kickpannel and opened it up. inside there was a transformer that had just been annihilated because of my insanely rich fuel mixture. so after a new set of plugs, that plunger valve thing, a computer and X is running again and seems to be doing just fine. im still in the stage where the computer needs to program idle RPMs and such.

also got my air horns on and a foot switch hooked up. they are pretty dang loud and sound great. got some pics.

my switch in the floor. like how old camaros and corvettes had the lights.

3 gallon tank, minus the compressor. i have a valve in it so i can fill it up at the house or any gas station. ill get a compressor eventually....just they are a little pricey...
spark plug is a tad dirty.

an IV trip for the carbon.



went out on the trails to test out my "new" sploder. when driving around we stumbled onto this gem. looks sick! i saw it and then it hit me...ive seen this...turns out it was at the 4x4 shop where i got my gears installed!
here it was then...

this is when we found it. dont know whats wrong with it, all i know is its right side drive and has a supercharged chevy 350 in it. none the less it looks cool!




what steel rims are those i want some.

aaaand the buggy has 4 wheel steering? cool.

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My steel rims? Mine are just the cragar soft 8 wheels in a 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing I believe.
And yeah that crawler was badass! If I had one...I would get into so much trouble... ;)