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Red interior common?


January 5, 2015
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Wroxeter ON
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2001 Ford sporttrac
I've owned a few 1st gen explorers and parted a few, and looked at many.
I haven't seen a red interior in any .

is it a rare option or is it just rare here in Ontario Canada? I like the 1st gen explorer and am going to look at one with a red interior on Wed. it looks very solid and price isn't bad at all.

anybody have a red interior or have pics of their red interior 91-94?

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There were red, blue, and even green interiors, in addition to the various grays and tans.

They can be considered rare, since the numbers of Explorers sold with them was pretty small compared to the standard gray, and those numbers are even smaller, now that so many have been crushed, either from age, or the cash for clunkers program.

Sometimes the interior colors make sense, like red interior with a red paint job, blue/blue, green/green, but there's also white Explorers with red interiors and other interesting factory combos.

Quite a few members have Explorers with the various colors, and some even sell or seek out various interior parts in the rarer colors. That's the issue with owning one, if something breaks, you have to either live with a gray replacement, spray paint it to match, or try to hunt down a factory-color replacement and hope the seller doesn't gouge the price. On the other hand, I see rare-color parts on ebay all the time, and they don't seem to be worth a whole lot since only a small number of vehicles match that part and color, so it's worthless to anyone else.

My dad had one with a red leather interior. The exterior was black with red pinstriping (factory). SHARP truck. I loved that thing.

Just seen a 94 this past weekend at Pull-a-Part. White with red interior. I have an 89 BII red/white/red with red interior. 1st words I said when I bought it was "it looks like a period gone bad in here."


I've only ever seen a few. They are unique that's for sure

1st gen are getting pretty scarce here now, unless they have been summer transport only. presently have the wife's 94 xlt really clean grey on grey leather, a 94 xlt parts green on grey leather, and a 92 xlt parts 5spd green on tan leather.

the one I want to look at is red cloth 91 xlt. personally I love Ford's red interiors even in the 87-96 Fseries and broncos.

I thought they stopped using red in the 80's.


The one at the Pull-a-Part I seen has the complete interior (as of this past Sunday) n it was in damn good shape for a 94!


looked at it but didn't buy it. front fenders were really rusty all around the wheel lip, doors were all nice, L side rocker was getting bad but still saveable, rotten around gas door> average or better.
red interior was minty. and no fading at all :notworthy

he is asking 800, I would have made an offer but spending a pile on Sat picking up a 78 Bronco in Indianna and hauling it back to Ontario. spending more right now would probably kill my wife's support on the bronco purchase.

I did have a good visit with the seller and if its around for a little while we might make a trade for some old Ford truck parts. it was a 1 owner explorer until Sept 2014. his daughter is tired of putting fuel into it :D