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Red light flashing under the turn single


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June 11, 2015
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2003 Explore - 4.6L
I got 2003 Explore ED v8 4.6l, here is the issue, the red light is flashing under the turn single on the steering column(was not before) , this happened after using the secondary key to open the door, the key can start the engine and drive around without any issue. also after use the secondary key, the remote working differently than before, the old (proper) way, when press on the lock button, all doors will lock, press again within 3 second , it will lock again and horn once, same with unlock. but now when you press lock/unlock it will lock/unlock and horn. anyone know the issue is ? thanks.

BTW:the light is flashing 2 times every 2-4 seconds.

Looks like an aftermarket led installed for either a remote start or security system

Yeah, that's not OE. If you just have a regular Ford style key fob, I'd trace down what that light goes to and remove it. Especially if it isn't utilized anymore.

Thanks for the reply, i will take a look after a long trip. hope nothing happens.