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Red Raj

I think it's about time I posted my X on this site. I originally came a couple months ago thinking I would just get some info... almost 3 months later and I stop by just about everyday. Anyways, here's my mostly stock ride. I have a lot of ideas about what I want to do to it... I just don't have the time, money or some combination of both.

2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4x4

Bought new off the Senator Ford (Sacramento, CA) lot in August of 2000 -> infinite thanks go out to my mom and dad for that :D
Currently resides with me (obviously) in West Los Angeles.

The Basics:
  • 4.0L OHV ~ 245 PUSHROD
  • 5R55E 5 speed auto
  • 4x4 Control Trac, 3.73 open rear differential
  • Sport Package -> fog lights, step bars, 15" aluminum wheels
  • Conveniance Package -> cruise control, tinted windows, AM/FM/CD/Cass.
  • Grey Cloth Interior
  • Driver & Passenger side impact airbags

My Mods:
  • Michelin CrossTerrain SUV Radial X tires, stock size (those Firestones had to go!)
  • Sylvania Silverstar head & fog lights
  • throttle cable mod
  • K&N GenII FIPK
  • Kenwood FM CD changer
  • Linear Logic ScanGauge (go buy one right now! -> sorry but '97-'03 only :p )
  • Custom catback exhaust: 2.25" aluminized steel tubing, Magnaflow aluminized steel muffler, 3" stainless steel tip (straight back)
  • Autovation custom pedals ('4x4' design, matte finish)
  • front TT, about 1-3/8" drop
  • stubby black antenna
  • *new* Explorer Express rear swaybar
  • *new* custom slotted cross-drilled rotors

Like I mentioned I have a lot more planned such as:
  • 70mm Pro-M MAF
  • 66mm BBK TB
  • Bilstein shocks
  • 17" Cobra R Replicas
  • new HU & speakers

Check out the pics and let me know what you think. There are more on my CarDomain page.



IMO, the last of the 2nd generation X's are the best looking of all the X's out there.


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Very nice looking. I would hold off on some of those mods and look at getting some new rims and tires first. That will make the most dramatic difference. I would lose the bug deflector too. Other than that, it's very clean and I think those mods will be a nice addition.

added a couple new mods over the last few weeks. this will probably be it for a while... or at least until i find a new source of income :(

much thanks to draft for his help installing the pedals and for doing the TT. the pedals, by the way, are very high quality billet aluminum and have a fit that prove that they are custom made just for Explorers. you can order them with the '4x4' design here or you can get blanks ones here. I think you can order a 4 piece set for manual transmissions but there is no design option since the brake pedal smaller.

I'll get some pics up soon... check my cardomain page in a couple days :D

I've got the Autovation pedals too. The blank ones with the matte finish. Stumbled across a link somewhere about an ancient group buy. The code still worked so I went for it. They made it to me in Canada in no time. High quality product too.

couple new pics on my cardomain page... or you can click here to see the video draft took.

EE swaybar and custom rotors are among my most recent additions. the software company i worked for tanked out so i'm temporarily removing X mods from my budget until i get a more reliable source of income. still though, i'm very happy with the state of my X. the EE swaybar is great (as many of you know) and i'm very pleased with the quality of the rotors. i really need to save up for those Cobra R's and some new tires so I can show them off :D

EDIT: oh yeah, i finally got sick of the BugDeflector so we took it off. it's been on there so long i'd forgotten how good my X looks without it.

Ex looks killer Raj, for 99 bux the scangauge is to die for, I had to mod mine a bit, just looked a little 1950s east Germanish.
Great lookin rig dood


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