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Redoing my interior


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December 6, 2007
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Bend, OR
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'91 Xploder
So I need help repairing my interior... Should I paint it or upholster it? I wanna do dark silver with ford blue vents and trim with a blue headliner. That or black interior panels and blue trim.

Right now i have my interior panels out and i've been scrubbing the walls behind the paneling. Pics will follow, the water is FILTHY after only scrubbing one corner of the truck. Started on the rear passenger quarter.

I need opinions on what colors to do.

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Haha, I know what you mean by cleaning the panels and having a bucket full of filth.
The previous owner lived in a hollow that was all dirt and mud and the interior was pretty much just mud. I got most of it cleaned out now. Still got alot of carpet cleaning to do in it though...

This is after brushing it with my skinny brush and a broom






Had a bunch of this stuff everywhere, kind pissed me off because, with it being wet, it kept sticking to me...


Finally clean, not for the rest of the truck and the interior panels also...




The water after i was done was very nasty, kinda scared to put my hand in it...



The bucket had about an inch of dirt settled in. At this point, let me remind you that this is JUST the cargo area...


Any opinions as far as color?

That was dirty!!

I thinking more black and less blue would come out better. Too much blue could look kind of ricer-ish.

i agree with the black,,,any updates??

Man, and I thought under the flooring in the back of my sport trac was bad, you have WAY more dirt. I think the previous owner of mine spilled soda or something though, cuz it was sticky and REEKED.

That water is ridiculous!
Where are you going to get your carpets?