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Refreshing the rear suspension

not much on that truck that I didn't fubar over the past 8 years with it. You want the hood? It's got cute functional scoops. I'll bring it to Truckhaven. It's doing me no good.

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sure i'll take the hood. did you see my reply in the truckhaven thread? i got 7.3's on deck......

How bad are the seats, color, and is there a sunroof cover? Those seats are very comfortable, and the LF seat module and wiring is nice for spare parts.

That truck hit the boneyard about 8 months ago.

Ah, we cannot save them all.

your old springs couldn't be saved? they're rusty, but so was your axle but that cleaned up pretty good

Wow thats kind of a sad thing to see the limited torn apart at the JY, when i saw pictures of it out on the trails my jaw dropped, it was a monster. But at least the blue one lives on!

Those springs were gone, after I blasted the passenger side apart in truckhaven there was no easy way to get them to be level again. Plus they were such thin leaves that the rust ate through them pretty good.

As for the limited, it's time was up. It made more sense to take that front axle that I had about $3,000 in parts and save it for the future. Alloy shafts, ox joints, detroit, 5.13s. 6 heim joints(steering, extended arms, custom crossmember, coils, buckets, shock towers are all waiting to go on a new build. That was going to go on the blue truck along with the SOA 8.8 rear that was spooled, but I like what is currently on there too much.

My only regret is that I would have pulled the motor, some 4 gauge wire I had ran on it and the rear hatch, everything else was pretty worked.

moving on to newer and better!

are you ever gonna build another explorer with your solid axle? one race truck and one rock crawler

What happened to that front bumper? I hope it found a good home.

yeah, that bumper was ****. hope you didn't trash it.

My brother is possible going to give me his 93 Explorer when he's finished with it. It would be a good candidate for the axles and bumper.

If he does it will be a trail only rig by the time I finish it. Mainly because I don't want to insure/register another vehicle.

It's in Wisco and getting pretty rusty, but my plans would include getting rid of lots of the body.

I still have the front bumper, probably will hang onto it for future fun.

hey danny, you still giving me that hood?

yeah, weren't we trading it for a coilover?

just kidding.

Danny, Like I said on DR, Hell of a buy! I'm jeleous!

Do you know who built it?