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Relacing 3.0 in ranger w/manual trans

Don from Ohio

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September 25, 2019
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Mount Vernon, ohio
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91 Ranger 4x4 xl
Is it possible to swap engines 3.0 to 3.0 in a ranger 4x4 without pulling the manual transmission. Seems like it should work but don't know about mating the engine and trany up on reinstall.

I find it easier to pull the transmission with the engine and work on it outside the vehicle.

Yes you can. If you leave the balancer off and remove the radiator there is plenty of room to maneuver. Another trick is pull the engine mount brackets off the engine and reinstall them after getting the engine and transmission bolted together.

Boomin is correct!
Anytime I have to stab an engine to a trans that is already in the truck I remove the engine side/mounting plates.
This way while the engine is hanging from the hoist you can now maneuver it easily to line up to the transmission, get everything stabbed and trans bolted up to the raise the engine back up a bit and re install the plates....drop back down onto the mounts and your done.