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Remember to check your coil packs!


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May 15, 2006
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south florida
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Coyote F150
Forgot a before, this is after, was basically all rust where the packs mount.



After cleaning the packs, used some electrical grease and bolted back up. Super smooth, no more rough idle or stuttering, or hesitation on acceleration or bucking. I'm replacing the wires (already have except the #4 which is a beotch) and still 5yr old plugs I'm going to replace but have been soaking them in PB as they all seem frozen. But night and day difference after cleaning the plate and packs.

Hmmm good info. Thanks for posting. I cleaned mine up when I did my engine but I think I kept my bracket painted and just cleaned my screws and threads in the bracket. My truck seems to run ok but get's horrible fuel mileage. Wonder if a bad coil ground would cause it. It runs ok though so I'm thinking not. Either way good info for guys with idle issues.

I just bought a new one when i did all my ignition. Paid 40$ for my coil pack

Whenever you replace the pack, good idea to wire brush the mounting plate so it can properly ground.