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Remote Keyless Entry


January 24, 2011
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SW Florida
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1991 Eddie Bauer
Is there any way to tell if my '91 Eddie Bauer 4WD has remote keyless entry? I did not get a fob with it when I bought it.

Was this even available on the '91?



Nope not for a 91 unless its aftermarket, keyless entry was offered on Explorer starting in 93 with the introduction of the Limited edition and the optional electronics group. The elec group included the auto darkening mirror, auto headlamps, and the keyless entry. I think you could get the package on XLT, and I know on the EBs (i own a 94 optioned this way). It was standard on the limited.

The best way to tell is to pull the jack stowage panel, and see if there is an unplugged 2- wire harness connector hanging nearby. This is the jumper used to reset the system and program new fobs.

Get ya one of the systems that has the keyless entry and remote start. My mom's 05 Malibu has remote start and its sweet.