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Remote Start 2014 PIU


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March 9, 2022
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Washington, DC
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2014 Ford PIU
I just wanted to say I got my remote start to work. FINALLY.

I've had the plug installed for weeks went through the Forscan setup and turned on the remote start updated the BCM and IPC like in other forums. But when attempting to remote start the truck I would hear the truck attempt to start and the fuel pump engage, but the truck wouldn't start and I didn't get the honk of the horn for a error. Also there is no option for remote start in the menu under Convenience (like on YouTube or mentioned in the forums).

The Fix: I stumbled on something for the trucks with the push stop/button feature. Get in the truck and lock the doors, put your foot on your brake and hit remote start. Voila now my PIUs remote start works.