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Remote Start/Alarm Help, PLEASE!!


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August 9, 2003
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Syracuse, New York
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2000 XLT
Installed a remote starter/alarm on my 2000 Ex. I have the Code Alarm CA-670. Now I am trying to get the bypass to work.
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Wow this is a very touchy area if you don't know what you are doing...I have a family friend that owns a shop that deals with Alarms and Auto Starts. I have watched him do it and there it SO much you can mess up...If I was you I would just take it to him, or someone that knows how to do it...If you have the system already the install should be cheaper...

do you have a transponder interface wired in?

Nobody has ever put one of these or one like it in their Ex or Ranger?

Had tried once

I had tried putting one on my 93 cavalier and never got the damn thing working right, everything would work except the car wouldnt start with the remote lol

Well, as least your are one up on me, I couldn't get anything to work. I have it disconnected now, waiting for responses from here and


Well I have everything working, except the remote start. I have tried hooking the PKF1 transponder bypass up (, but cannot get it to work. If I have the key in the ignition, I can remote start it, but with the bypass hooked up, the engine cranks, the theft light flashes quickly, so I know I have something not hooked up right. Has anyone used one of these before that can help me out?


Sounds to me like the bypass is either not wired in correctly or may need to learn the key code in order to work properly. The fact that it starts with key in ignition tells me you have it wired in right for the starter module. The engine computer senses the key in ignition- which satisfies the start sequence and away it goes. Now- the bypass needs to emulate that key code.I believe it must be programmed much like you would program an additional coded ignition key to work with your Explorer.You would need two original master keys to programm and additional key or the bypass module. There is a simple instructions for key programming in the owners manual. Use these instructions with two original coded master keys to set up programming Once intialized- instead of inserting 3rd or new key in ignition- you press the remote start remote.This should program the bypass- essentially copyiong the key code to the bypass. Once programmed- when a remote start sequence is initiated-the engine computer senses the key code from the bypass- anthis satisfies the start condition.And then- it should start.
I went the other way using an actual coded key - enclosed in a universal bypas kit. It uses an antenna wire that surrounds the key and extends to the ignition cylinder. It provides the key code via the antenna to the sensor in the ignition cyclinder housing- and satisfies the start condition.
hope this info is helpful. Good luck-it's not difficult but requires some patience.