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Remote start - only center audio when driving


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February 13, 2017
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2014 Explorer XLT
-2014 Explorer XLT; standard audio

Noticed recently, and I’m not sure if it’s just related to the cold, but there have been a few occasions where I have remote started the car and after turning the key to run to engage driving, I only get audio from the speakers in the top center of the dash. No audio comes from the speakers in the doors/body. So far, it seems to fix itself after a restart. Powering off/on radio or changing sources has no impact. Just curious if anyone has seen this behavior and if it’s a sign of something more.

Note: Have been seeing the “turning off system to save battery” message on cold starts; may have something to do with it combined with remote start?

The "turning off system to save battery" warning I believe comes on when the battery level is so low that certain non essential systems are automatically shut down to save power. Whether that includes some of the speaker, I don't know. The speaker issue has not been brought up before. If you have the OEM battery, I suspect that may be the place to start any investigation. Perhaps someone else may have more insight into this issue. Good luck.


Have the battery checked--I sense a low voltage issue and the modules are not all getting powered up as they should.

If you're seeing the 'start engine to save battery...' kind of message, that's a huge red flag.