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remote turn on.


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September 17, 2002
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s town Louisiana
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99 Explorer XLT4.0 ohv :(
I put a 10 sub in my moms 99 exp. off a 600 watt amp and a crossover. Well i taped into the rear speakers to run the amp. Problem is im using the stock deck. So the amps do not have a remote turn on. I set up a toggle switch so when i leave the car i turn the switch off. However i dont like this setup due to if u forget the turn the switch off ur ***ord when you come back out to the car.

In my old truck i tapped into the fuse box for a remote turn on. I tried with this setup and it did not work for some reason. So does anyone know where i can find a remote turn on so my amps come on and off with the key? or better yet the radio.

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hmm i just get on the chat clubs on the computer when i want a remote turn on lol

if your amp has a remote turn on wire just wire it to the 12 volt wire to your radio. not the battery wire but the ignition wire. that way when the cars on the amp is on.

i played around with the fuses last night and didnt find a fuse that turns on with the car. if anyone knows one post it.,

get an aftermarket HU and do everything right, its gonna sound like **** i can tell you right now.

Don't be put off by using the stock hu. There are some issues but if you do it right it will sound 10X better than stock. Aftermarket is even better but its all relative.

Yes, like silenze said, try the 12 volt switched wire, I think its the Yellow/black wire. Thats what I used.