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remote wire dead??


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June 26, 2005
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Pekin, Illinois
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'96 E.B. AWD
hey taking my system out of my explorer to put in my truck.....i got everything hooked up like i have many times before....but im getting no signal to my amp???

i took a multi tester and hooked it up to the power and ground on my amp, and its getting power.

the amp has two external fuses that i pulled and checked..both are ok.

the wiring kit has a inline fuse...checked it, its ok.

double checked the wiring harness on the back of the head unit, everything appears to be hooked up right as far as the amp goes.

blue wire from amp to blue wire for system remote

the rca cables plug into the back of my head unit

red cable to battery

black to ground

dont know if it matters but my head unit is a pioneer, and so is the amp. both worked great in my explorer. i also tried my other amp but get the same results?? What am i missing???

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multi test/test light the blue/white remote at the deck, it might be dead/toasted

what should it read?..or does it matter?

ok, tested the remote wire of the back of the getting a reading from it

i just tried a third amp with no luck...even though im getting a reading from the remote wire, im beginning to think its the hu.

Remote should read 12v only when the truck is turned on.

thats what reading im getting

check the menu and make sure to turn on the sub funcition is on. that controls the output for the signal wire. that or run another wire from the battery to a switch then to the amp.

im getting power to the amp, just not a signal. what would another wire from the battery to the amp do?...or am i misunderstanding something?

what would another wire from the battery to the amp do?...or am i misunderstanding so

it would be a waste of time do as the other guy said sweat your hu and see if it has a seperate sub control make sure its on your amp is fine if the amp is on and has no signal then it has to be the rca's if hu is fine switch them and see what happens, let us know what happens otherwise i just wasted my time i like to know my time helped someone good luck!

If the amp lights up, or powers on, you can use an i-pod, or portable unit... use a head-phone to rca cable and plug it in for signal. (If the post above doesn't work). A pinch RCA can kill the signal too... you can take an rca and run it outside the car to the deck.

checked my rca cables....there was a small crack that i didnt notice before, must of happened when i ran it through the firewall gromet
i replaced the cables and it works fine now....thanks for all the input