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Remove Middle Seat - Replace Seat Belt


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August 4, 2018
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Jackson, TN
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2005 Explorer XLT
Hey, first post here, looking for some direction. I want to remove the middle seat in the second row to make access to the third row a little easier. The outer seats’ seat belts attach to the middle seat, so I’m looking for the buckle receivers that attach to the floor. I’ve seen other threads that link to OEM parts sites or even specific part numbers, but I haven’t had any luck finding anything.

Has anyone had success in finding these parts? Anyone know where I can find them in stock? Thanks!

In my wife's explorer when we got up to a 4 kid family I removed the middle row seat behind the driver. It made rear access a breeze and made another storage spot when shopping at cosco. That got us by for alost a year before getting an expedition. Still have the explorer and it's still setup like that too.

You could find an Ex/Mounty at a wrecking yard with middle row captains chairs and swap.