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Removed Pinstriping...Now the Side Stuff


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November 19, 2001
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Ok, i just removed the pinstriping, and all has gone well, except for like it looks like up close that there is an extra coat of paint below the pinstriping in some places, nothing a little polish and a great layer of wax can't fix.

Now for the question, if the pinstriping came off all well and good with no paint fade and such, would the side moldings come off ok also? Has anyone taken the side moldings off without repainting their truck? I don't wanna take them off them have to put them back on because there is some gross like or sumthin...

I would think that since the pinstrip came out ok, the molding would too...

What do all of ya'll have to say about this?

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CoolChrisCush just took his molding off a few days ago. From what he said they came off pretty easy. He said he just needs to get the sticky goo off now. But I think it looks a lot better without them.

what year does he have?

if your x hasn't been repainted go for it, but if you've had the panels around the molding painted there's a good chance the molding was left on and it won't work

there has been no repainting done here. How do i go about taking them off, how should i get them off of there?

hair dryer (or other not too hot heat source) and fishing line to get them started, then pull them off and use mineral spirits to "melt" the adhesive

do i use the hair dryer before i start peeling? or do i use it to help remove the gunk...

fishing line is a good idea....but why the hair dryer?

the hair dryer will make the adhesive loosen, so that it is easier to pull it apart use it before you start and during the actuall removal process. not when removing the adhesive thats left over at the end though.

thanks for all the help expo...that will be my project for tomorrow...

i live in Texas...

it is like 98degrees the blow dryer still necassary?

is his somethign that can be doen on early year expos also? or will there be holes in the body?

XLT_66.. fyi coolchris has a 96 X too.