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Removing Center Console ArmRest Bracket?

Erics Toys

December 4, 2002
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Peyton Colorado
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1993 Eddie Bauer
Has anyone done this? What is the trick. :confused: I have a 93 EB and the plastic bracket that holds the armrest is broken. I have the new part (much better quality then the one from Ford) but I can't seem to get the old one off. I have found the 4 bolts that hold it to the console and removed them. It looks like you should be able to just pop the old hinge out but there is no give. I am sure there is a special tool for this. Thanks for any help.

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Do you have a Chilton or Haynes manual? I don't have a 1st GEN, but I know with other cars, the manual has helped considerably

the only way to get the old hinge out of the armreset is to cut the pin, its a heavy piece of steel so your best bet is a cutting tool (like a dremel tool). Once you have it out the new hinge will snap in its place.

No special tool requiired. I replaced the arm on my 92 and my dad's 93. You only need to carefully pry one side off with a couple of fat screw drivers. you definately needed some strength, but eventually you will see the end of the pin. At this point, use a smaller screwdriver as a wedge and use leverage to "pop" it out of the hole. I remember placing the arm rest upside down on the ground and kneeling on it to get the leverage to pop the darn thing out.

the arm rest is held in place with allen bolts inside the rear. Pry open the small hole covers on each side( between the center and seats) to get to these bolts

I see what you are talking about. Pocono is correct-
muscle it out.