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Removing cruise control/media steering wheel switch?


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January 26, 2004
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'07 Mountaineer Premier
The media switch on the right side of the steering wheel is flaky and I want to either try to fix it or replace it. Before I start poking around near the airbag, does anybody know how this comes out? The photos on the site suggest it just snaps into place with tabs, but it's always good to find somebody who has removed it in the real world. Does just the black part come out, or the silver part come off too? Thanks!

Talking about this one, on a 2007 Mountaineer:


just remove the 2 side bolts holding in the airbag and the 2 switch inserts will come right out, without any chance of damaging anything

Did this recently to fix the cruise switch on my 06 Limited. MotorCityFats13 is correct. To be safe, pull the batter terminals and wait 10-15 minutes for any capacitors to discharge, then unscrew the airbag off the steering wheel as described above.