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Removing Pin Striping

After removing the pin striping, I had to find something to take off the adhesive. Believe it or not, "WATERLESS HAND SANITIZER", a rag and a tiny bit of elbow grease got it off without damaging the finish. DO NOT use those Magic Eraser thingy bobbers, that requires waxing after words and took a lot more elbow grease than the hand sanitizer.
So far, I have the passenger front quarter panel done on my 03 X Sport. I'll post pics when its done and washed up.
Just thought I'd share:D

I'd guess because of the alcohol content. Nice tip. I would still wax it, because I would assume the alcohol would still strip off all wax and protection.

WD-40 works well too

GooGone and some citrus bike chain degreasers too.

I used Goo Gone and elbow grease on mine. Worked pretty well.