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Removing Rear Body Panel


June 7, 2007
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2002 XLT
This is my first post and the unfortunate part is that my wife scratched up my mint 2002 Explorer today.

I need to remove the panel above the bumper and below the rear tail light on my Ford Explorer. I see that there is a bolt behind the tail light. I also see that the panel goes under the rear bumper step. I undid all the fasteners for the bumper step but it didn't seem to want to come up so I didn't pry. I also see that it looks like the panel is connected to the rear quarter panel but I can see how to get it undone.

I want to take the panel to the paint shop instead of having to take the whole truck.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Just replaced my hitch over the weekend on a '04 EB X.
Remove the plastic fastners (bout 8-10 of em).
3 Screws Bolts a side of the bumper 2 under each light and 1 on the bottom.
Clips in Front, lift up and back to release.