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Removing rear windows, need opinions!

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August 25, 1999
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The last time out I whacked a tree and blew out my drivers side back glass. And I was happy becuase it has given me the opportunity to look into being able to remove the back windows. Instead of doing canvas, I am going to have some polycarbonate plastic cut for new windows, and the only thing I am concerned about is how to fasten them into place. I want something easily done, no nuts and bolts, and something secure enough to make them weather proof. One thing I was considering was running some weather stripping around the window, then using the plastic push pin things that are used to hold the interior together. Then when I want the windows out, just push them. Right now I think I will be able to use the factory holes, it looks like they will be sufficient. Anybody have some other ideas?




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I think i would use carriage bolts with wing nuts on the inside. That would be easy to spin off and very sturdy. Might consider looking into some quick release systems like they use on mountain bikes. some twist and flip calmp or something.

I don't think those interior push pin things would last too long if you wanted to take em in and out a experience with them is they get thrashed pretty easily.

I would drill holes in the window(not what you want) and use wing nuts like someone stated. Just use some rubber washers on the outside, to keep the rain out.

I like the quick release idea. I'm going to see what all I can find about those. The bike quick release only loosen, you'd still have to unscrew it to get it apart. They are the same thing I have on my bike. Although I do like the idea of keeping the release part on the inside, as opposed to outside where anyone could remove the window. My only concern with that is I would have to cut away the trim so I could reach the latch. It is not something I had planned on doing, but if it comes to that, I have a Dremel tool :D

And I was hoping to find a contained unit, something that would not leave me with parts to have to keep up with. But as goes most things, you can't always get what you want!

hhehe a stripper pole!?!??

You should put that in the back of your Explorer. hehe. Everyone would think it's part of a roll cage. Who would know it is really a stripper pole. :D

I sawa that too when i googled for Quick Release bolts... lol

I went to Lowes today because I needed to kill some time, and I got some pretty good ideas as to how to fab up some latches. I bought a few materials that should do the trick. Now I just need to get my template sent to the window people :thumbsup:

Have them put in the quick-release stripper pole while they're at it...

I busted that window on mine as well. I think it would be great to fab up something with a hinge on top and a latch on the bottom. It was so convenient wheeling when I spent a whole week grabbing tools and straps out of the open window.

That could be a quick release style if you fabbed it right.

I had considered making a hinge, but I figured since I had my back glass that already opens that way, I don't need another. That and the way I have my storage container, the lid opens from the rear of the box, so I couldn't open it through the side window.

I did come up with a pretty good idea for some latches, now the only thing is figuring out how to put studs on the windows so I can use the latches. My only concern there is if I have the head of the stud exposed on the one side of the window (if I were to drill a hole and insert the stud), after time and rain would there be streaks on the window where the metal has tarnished and stained the window? Then I considered using stainless steel, but I am not sure if I can find exactly what I need in stainless. But first things first, I have to get the windows :p

how much are the windows running you? I might be interested in some as well?

I am not too sure right now. The first company I was looking at was charging $54 per sheet, and that was the set price, even though the windows would not use a whole 2'x4' sheet. But I checked into another company, they are $14 cheaper per sheet, and I asked the guy (they have online chat software to talk to reps!! :thumbsup: ) if the price would change since I would not require a whole sheet, and he said it would :D He is going to let me know a good glue so I can attach my studs to the window for quick release. And ironically enough, I found the PERFECT studs for the windows when I took my window out of my Explorer. I just have to find a couple more, as there are only two in each window. They will be attached to the new windows, and I will have fabbed up latches inside so the studs will go through the existing holes and latch into place :cool: I'm all tingly....


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Can't wait to see how this turns out. They may be in my Explorer's future as well...once I get those axles installed and can attempt some of the harder stuff. :D

i was looking at canvas windows like rick and a few others have but i dont like how flimsy they look. I think this solution will be more sturdy and rugged looking.

Originally I was wanting canvs, but then that gives anybody access to your vehicle. I keep my cb and gps in there all the time now, so I was really hoping to come up with something that did not lessen the security the glass windows provided. Tomorrow I will get the template sent, and because I am so impatient, I might just overnight the darn thing :rolleyes:

The rep Rick at Modern Plastics emailed me and said once he gets the template, he will quote me a price and shipping. At least this company is closer, Rhode Island, as opposed to the first company I almost went with, California :eek:

Whats the company name/contact info in cali?

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The one in CA is called Tap Plastics,
They are more expensive than Modern Plastics, and the cost does not change even if you do not use a whole sheet. And another plus about Modern, they have live chat with a rep :D Which I think is friggin awesome instead of having to wait to receive a response. What I found out in 3 days at Tap, I found out, and more, in 4 minutes at Modern :thumbsup: