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Removing Right Rear Panel---to accessSubwoofer


June 22, 2008
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1996-EXPLORER awd-ltd-v8
I am a total newb.
I can't get this [right rear] panel off, I took off all of the plastic bolts holding it down. But the seatbelt appears to be in the way, and I have no idea how to remove the seat belt. I just don't want to go ripping things apart before I know if it is the correct way to do it, or not.

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There is a star blt under the rug to removed it. It takes a special tool that goes on your rachet. They are very tight (obvisouly for your protection). Pretty difficult to get out. Atleast they where on mine (I eventually gave up). However it can be done for sure. Lots of people do it. You could always heat it and it would come off easy but be careful of carpets. You then need to get that platic piece off the seat belt. I believe it can be taken off with a screw driver.

T-50 Torx bit. Same one that removes the steering wheel, so if you don't have one, go ahead and grab one. If you get an extension for your socket/pipe or I have a 1/2" breaker bar with a 3/8" reducer I use that. PB Blaster is your buddy.

You will need to remove the bolt up on the side of the truck holding the seatbelt up there, the one under the carpet I don't think would need to be removed to do it, but it removes the same way.

Ya, That bolt is extremely tight. I'll have to find a better tool. But, thank you for the help, guys :)

I know I will be removing this same panel in the next week or so, this this thread is very helpful :).

Quick question, what do you guys use to remove those little clips holding the side in? I have used a flat head screwdriver to pry it up, but I don't want to break any. Should I be fine if I am just careful, or is there any special tool you guys use or I am fine with what I am doing now?

for the christmas tree clips i bought one of these which makes life so much easier. Interior panel pliers I guess you could call them..that way you done need to use any leverage in cramped spaces...just squeeze the handle

Now, If only i could understand the directions in the "Aftermarket HU-Factory Sub" thread...

I removed all the clips using a Snap-On ASG-185A that my Ford neighbor loaned me. Worked great, and zero broken clips :thumbsup:


I now have my own set of three Snap-On clip tools :thumbsup:

also for what its worth if you remove the stock subwoofer from this location its a perfect spot for an auxillary battery in the back. You can fit a fairly larger battery at that. Heres a pic of my truck with a Northstar nsb90 battery back there...which is about 70 lbs.


wow, how much did all that wire cost? nice clean install though.

wow, how much did all that wire cost? nice clean install though.

not too sure on the total cost...ive got another 10 runs from the front batt going to the back bussbars aswell...and then 8 short runs from the bars to the amps. In total I think I have around 300 feet of 1/0 in the truck I think. So thats around $525 in 1/ all my lug ends, copper buss bars, aluminum buss bars, silver solder. It adds up in a hurry.

Heres a shot of my rear bussbars.

looks nice, you must be pumpin some serious beats.